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High-quality hardware
Every instance runs on high-end SSDs

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Global security standards and software
Firewall enabled by default
Two-factor authentication

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Comprehensive documentation
Friendly control-panel
Click and deploy in minutes

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Servers in Johannesburg
Millisecond rendering
Zero undersea disruptions

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Available in your timezone
Reachable via: email, phone, slack

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Pricing in ZAR
Zero forex-risk
Billing per hour

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South African jurisdiction
Data protection/compliance

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Variety of compute/RAM sizes
Multitude of OS options
Add up to 8 extra storage-disks

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These are some unique benefits you’ll get...

High performance cloud servers hosted locally. Affordable pricing in Rands. Enhanced security with firewalls enabled by default on all servers. Advanced server sharing to get fine-grained access. Lightning-quick create, shutdown and reboot.

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Type RAM Cores Storage Price/Hour(ex. VAT) Price/Month(ex. VAT) Bandwidth
CA-XS-1217 512 MB 1 10 GB R0.05 R33.00 75 GB
CA-1GB-STD-1217 1 GB 1 20 GB R0.14 R84.00 150 GB
CA-2GB-STD-1217 2 GB 2 30 GB R0.31 R191.00 300 GB
CA-4GB-STD-1217 4 GB 4 48 GB R0.55 R342.00 400 GB
CA-6GB-STD-1217 6 GB 6 72 GB R0.83 R516.00 600 GB
CA-8GB-STD-1217 8 GB 8 96 GB R1.12 R696.00 800 GB
CA-12GB-STD-1217 12 GB 8 192 GB R1.74 R1078.00 1200 GB
CA-16GB-STD-1217 16 GB 8 288 GB R2.36 R1461.00 1600 GB
CA-24GB-STD-1217 24 GB 12 384 GB R3.83 R2376.00 2000 GB
CA-32GB-STD-1217 32 GB 12 512 GB R4.62 R2866.00 2000 GB
CA-48GB-STD-1217 48 GB 16 768 GB R6.90 R4278.00 2000 GB
CA-64GB-STD-1217 64 GB 20 1152 GB R9.59 R5974.00 2000 GB
CA-80GB-STD-1217 80 GB 20 1536 GB R12.30 R7623.00 4000 GB

High Memory

Type RAM Cores Storage Price/Hour(ex. VAT) Price/Month(ex. VAT) Bandwidth
CA-16GB-HIMEM-1217 16 GB 1 20 GB R1.31 R814.00 2000 GB
CA-32GB-HIMEM-1217 32 GB 2 20 GB R2.63 R1631.00 2000 GB
CA-60GB-HIMEM-1217 60 GB 4 40 GB R5.03 R3118.00 3000 GB
CA-100GB-HIMEM-1217 100 GB 8 200 GB R10.19 R6320.00 5000 GB
CA-200GB-HIMEM-1217 200 GB 16 340 GB R20.05 R12432.00 5000 GB

Extra storage available at R1.58 per 1GB/month
Additional RAM available at R28.00 per 1GB/month
Additional CPU available at R38.00 per core/month


Virtual Private Network R105 / per network / per month

Server Backups

⅓ of total server storage × R0.5 × number of backups per month

If you have 2 backup that you keep for an entire month, and the server has 100GiB worth of disk, as 5×20GiB disks.
It would be (100 ÷ 3)×0.5×2 = R33.33** to keep the two backups for an entire month.

If you were to only keep these backups for less than a month, depending on the amount of hours in that specific month,
it would be the used hours × (Monthly price ÷ hours in that month),
for the same example: ((100 ÷ 3)×0.5×2) ÷ 744 = R0,045** per hour, for a month with 744 hours

* Prices listed are exclusive of VAT (15%)
** The prices listed are for illustrative purpose. Exact pricing will be calculated via dashboard
*** Virtual servers are being charged for in full even when turned off

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You can open a support ticket here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.