• High Performance Cloud Servers

    Fast. Secure. Reliable.

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  • Flexible Virtual Private Clouds

    Given the nature of organisationally server topologies networks and billing can get complex. CloudAfrica has put in place a granular-control, permission-based system, allowing you to organise across departments without sacrificing independent requirements.

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  • Cloud environment

    Servers don't exist in a vacuum. Part of the power of the "cloud" metaphor is that clouds seamlessly integrate into groups of other clouds, becoming more than what they currently are. Most other Cloud Hosting environments force you to create your servers in isolation, without consideration for the network topology. With CloudAfrica you are in complete control.

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Happy Customers


"The launch of CloudAfrica's local cloud offering has shown to be considerably more cost effective than their offshore counterparts - the Rand based pricing, low latency, infrastructure security and local hosting on SA soil is a big win for us and our clients"

"Having my servers local is like working on my own laptop"


"Hosting my apps locally has not only cost me less but also increased the speed of loading and using my app 10 fold. It feels like a totally new experience!

Customer interaction with the Cloud Africa team is personal and gives me great confidence in the future of their product and services"

Rock Solid Security

CloudAfrica runs a highly secure cloud computing model, meaning privately-assigned net blocks, fully managed firewalls, SSH Management, IP Management and more.

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