Service Definitions

Different severity levels describe how urgent a support request is:

The client acknowledges that not all Level 3 or Level 4 problems will require a workaround. CloudAfrica may, in its reasonable discretion, respond to a Level 3 or Level 4 problem by making the error a feature request. CloudAfrica will keep a full list of feature requests in a client road map, and prioritise development according to the client’s requirements.
Feature development is outside the scope of this agreement.

Priority Ticket Response Time Ticket Resolution Time Continuous Communication
Urgent 30 mins Immediately Every 30 mins
High Less than 2 hours Less than 1 day Every day
Medium Less than 1 day Less than 1 week N/A
Low Less than 1 day Less than 2 weeks N/A

Support Logging

Customers may log all faults via e-mail, twitter or telephone in the case of emergencies. A support ticket will be generated from an e-mail, twitter, or a support person logging a fault. First line support will be responsible for monitoring all tickets logged, and assigning an appropriate status and resource to them.

In the event of an emergency, the support person is expected to log a ticket immediately upon receiving an emergency call. They will then follow the emergency procedure, to the point that either the issue is resolved, or the issue needs to be escalated by the support team. Front-line support may not escalate the issue until each step in the support procedure guide has been checked.

If the issue needs to be escalated the second line support person is expected to act on incident immediately, and the front-line support person is expected to contact the customer to communicate that the issue has been escalated.

Throughout the process of resolving a ticket, the customer must be updated at the following milestones:

If a ticket is not closed within a week of the ticket state changing to “Testing/verified”, the ticket will be closed by CloudAfrica.